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This website is dedicated to keeping band current on music trends, the truths about the perils of the industry, and smart choices for your band. There are so many sites with useful information out there, this one is designed to pool the best and most useful of them.

It is truly a great resource, and any / all bands would benefit from the information provided.

12/17/10: Double CD Release

A rare two band CD release event!

Greg’s Guitar Lessons and Xtreme Hockey & LaCrosse have teamed up to bring a SPECTACULAR show to The Oasis.

Weye will be releasing Friends, Family, and Others., and Awe Howler will be releasing Be What May.

The supporting acts will be Lybria, and NoSleepRecords’ recording artists The Felix Culpa.


Date: December 17th
Time: 6pm
Cost: $5
Venue: The Oasis
Bands: Lybria, Weye, The Felix Culpa, Awe Howler


Hey Bands, have you checked out the great resource Indie On The Move? It’s an impressive database of venues all across the country. They have contact info and reviews from people who have played there.

The Oasis was fortunate enough to be their featured venue of October 2010.

It really means a lot to us, as we support what they do… it’s great to feel it returned.

Check it out!


Getting Booked at the Oasis

Does your band want to be booked at the Oasis?

There are two easy ways to contact one of our employees…


Email The Oasis

Once you are in contact with an employee, they will either put you on an established show, or we can setup a show around your band. Should the latter be the case, you are allowed to make recommendations for other bands/artists you’d like The Oasis to contact.

If your band/artist draws more than 20 paid guests to the show, you will receive $1.00 per paid guest. Additionally, every performing act will receive a free CD of their performance that night. They have the option having it mastered, and cut into single tracks, for a small donation to The Oasis.

What are you waiting for? Get out of the garage, and come play a show!

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