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Q&A with Sam from Chevelle

We’re excited to announce that Sam Loeffler, Drummer from Chevelle, will be a guest speaker on 11/18.

He’s always been a wonderful supporter of the Oasis, and will be coming in to field questions from young musicians!!!!

Please start thinking of questions now!!!!

Check out the Facebook Event!

Be sure to check out when Dean from Chevelle talked to kids at the Monthly Music Meeting earlier in the year.

The School of Hard Rocks!

For most of 2014, we’ve been hosting a cool free event every 3rd Tuesday (7pm) of the month. The goal is to get musicians out of their houses, come learn something, and meet their peers.

The first half of the meeting is hosted by Greg of Greg’s Guitar Lessons, which covers a number of educational topics like recording, booking, marketing, and other tools young musicians need to work on.

We’ve even had cool guests like Dean, the bassist for Chevelle!

The second half, musicians hang out and chat. They talk with each other, network, set up times to jam, and help create a better sense of community in the scene.

Check it out on YouTube!

We’ve been doing a monthly “music” meeting for kids at The Oasis.

A free event, covering a specific topic.

March was “booking in Chicago”.

After the seminar portion, we encourage kids to meet each other.
Network, trade gigs, gear, etc.

We are fortunate have sponsored free pizza, and free goodies from labels that kids can grab.

We emailed/annoyed every agent/venue/promoter in Chicago and forced them to answer a handful of questions in hopes to make a bit of a guide to booking shows.

Here is the PDF of the bullet point handout.

This event, we had Dean from the band Chevelle came out to talk to the kids.

We recorded the event, if you’d want to listen to it.

Free stuff for the kids from top shelf records.

dean, laying down the law.

Confirm you’re going to the FREE APRIL MEETING!

Malfunctioning Booking Email!

:::::::::::::::::Attention Bands:::::::::::::::::

It would appear that our email address has not been functioning properly.

We caught it, and will be replying to all of the emails we’ve found.

If you are among the group who never received a reply from us, we are VERY SORRY.

Everything works great now, so if you want to play a show, send us an email!


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