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Invest In Illinois Grant!


To Senator Melinda Bush and AT&T for choosing The Oasis to be the recipient of the Invest In Illinois grant.

Every dollar donated truly helps us continue our mission of providing a fun & safe community center!

Thank You 1

Thank You 2

Get Your Own Oasis ID Badge

In 2015, we’re asking all weekday guests check in with some form of an ID card. Student, School, State ID’s are all acceptable, as is a drivers license.

If you’re unable to provide an ID, you can have your very own Oasis ID Badge made!

Just bring in a parent or guardian who will sign for you, and the employee on site will create your own badge for when you visit the Oasis!

OASISFest Videos!

The video recaps from #OASISFest are rolling in.

Here is long time board-member Greg Henkin performing to a packed house with his band Overtone.

Watch on YouTube!

Watch more #OasisFest on our YouTube Channel!

Holiday Cards For Sale!

Every year, THE Santa Claus rides into town on a fire truck, and turns on all of the Christmas Lights in Grayslake.

He then walks to The Oasis, where hundreds of kids do crafts, watch movies, and get their moment with the big man.

This year, The Oasis will be selling fundraising Holiday Greeting Cards, which display downtown Grayslake, just moments after Santa lit up Center St.

100% of the proceeds go to the Oasis, which serve 15,000-20,000 kids per year!

$10 for a 10 Pack.
VALUE PACK: $25 for 25!


Watch Santa Come to Town!

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August 8 Review

Rock Reckoning

The show at The Oasis on Friday, August 8th was an excellent exhibit of the connection between music and emotion. I am not talking about “Emo” music, rather I am saying that all of the acts on Friday brought a particularly personal feeling to their performances. Enough rambling, let’s get to the good stuff….

Our show started off on the right note as the lovely Lauren Ruka took the stage and gave the crowd a solo serenade. Ruka’s music is pop sensibility served over bar chords. Unlike many artists now-a-days Ruka tells a real story with every song as well as offering a tongue in cheek commentary of the modern human condition. An example of this is a lyric of hers that goes, “No one let’s me down to my face anymore”, which I take as a comment on having (or trying to have) a relationship in an increasingly digital and impersonal age. Combine her song writing intelligence with incredible vocal range and control and you have a listening experience that transcends mere songs; they are touchingly personal narratives set to music.

Next up was the hard riffing band Americana. I have been going to shows for a long time (longer that I would like to admit at least) and I think Americana is the LOUDEST band I have ever seen. Which is good, because as far as I am concerned, they can’t be loud enough. Their sound is a combination of hard, driving rock like Motorhead, Hot Water Music-ish raspy vocals, and a good dash of southern metal groove. Not to mention, they are just so much fun to watch. One of their guitarists spent the majority of the set off the stage and in the crowd head banging with the best of them the entire time. This band is incredibly dynamic and does not easily fit into any one genre, but they are 100% ROCK!

Later The Smoking Revolvers played, and let me tell you if smoking revolvers is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Their sound is hard alternative rock with solid classic rock roots. Imagine fuzzy guitars with plenty of bluesy fills. Furthermore, all of the songs by The Smoking Revolvers are incredibly have their own personality while still being recognizable as their own. Listening to them will take you through fast fist pumping type songs to slower, sludgier songs all with a heavy foundation and deliciously catchy riffage. If you have a chance to see them, and you like music of the hard rock persuasion, don’t miss it!

Anchoring Friday’s show was the band BeatDown Radio. I don’t if they are a punk band that rocks or a rock band that punks, but I DO know is that I don’t care! BeatDown Radio delivers melodic punk/rock that doesn’t skimp on intensity. They are the best of both the worlds of punk and rock. Their music accomplishes a sense of melody in a way that bands like Rancid or The Casualties never could without becoming a pop band with Liberty Spikes like Simple Plan. Video may have killed The Radio Star, but it can’t touch BeatDown Radio.

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