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Registration for the Smash Bros Tournament will take place at the Grayslake Oasis. Can’t make it in before April 10th? Email Dane at to register on-line. Connect with other attendees on our Facebook event!

Registration for the 21+ Pub Trivia Event on Sunday April 12th is available on our trivia registration page.

Concert Line-up Announced!

We are excited to announce the following bands playing the Oasis Fest Concert event on Saturday April 11th:

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Joyce Campbell – State Farm Insurance

Just Announced: Oasis Fest!

Join us April 10, 11, and 12 for the first ever Oasis Fest!

The Oasis Grayslake Youth Center will be holding its first onsite three-day fundraiser. All proceeds will be used for to purchase Music Performance Licenses. With these licenses, young musicians will now be allowed to play covers of their favorite songs. This new ability to play cover songs on the Oasis’ stage is an investment in the growth of Lake County’s young musicians, where there is a deficit in youth-oriented facilities providing these licenses.

Each day will have a special event that emphasizes the many services The Oasis offers.

Friday, April 10 – Nintendo Smash Bros. Tournament 5pm-7pm
In association with Gamers HQ, contestants will face off against each other for fun prizes & total Smash Bros. dominance. Registration $5

Saturday, April 11 – Oasis Fest Concert 2pm-11pm
Acts include music student recitals, popular local bands, and reunions of great Chicago area bands. $5 donation at the door.

Sunday, April 12 – Pub Trivia 2pm-5pm
Teams of up to 5 will contend in a battle of wits for bragging rights & trivia superiority. A private event, this event is for ages 21 & up. Registration $100 per team.

The Oasis is a one of a kind, independent organization that is determined to benefit the lives of all who come through our door. We are limited by budget, not imagination. By sponsoring and/or attending these events you are directly contributing to The Oasis’ mission to positively impact our community. Please help us expand and improve our services to the Grayslake community and its residents by attending our events, or becoming a sponsor. Sponsors will receive advertising in return for their support. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email

Registration for the video game tournament and pub trivia will begin in early March. Please check back for registration links.

Welcome to 2015

Saturday, November 8th Recap

Saturday, November 8th Recap

All of the shows that happen at The Oasis are good.  That being said, there are some shows that simply come together and approach musical perfection.  Saturday, November 8th was such a show.  Not only were all of the musicians mind-blowingly talented, but they were also all class acts.  All the artists showed up on time and stayed to watch, support, and listen to each other.  It was the kind of night that ended all too quickly, and will never be forgotten.  What follows is a feeble attempt to recapture the utter brilliance of the night.

The Roarer- EJ Singson’s (aka The Roarer) talent is in direct proportion to his talent.  His style is hard to articulate, it challenges listeners, especially if those listeners are fellow musicians. To paint a picture of his set up, it includes a host of different looping and sampling devices that I cannot even pretend to understand, and to top it all off he plays a combination double neck bass/guitar (both with equal proficiency).  His sound is comprised of a thoughtful mix of bright, clean tones, relentless tapping, and more loops than you favorite fruity breakfast cereal.  The amount of thought and vision that goes into his music is staggering, and the best part is how profoundly humble he is. It is a distinct honor and privilege to have him play at this venue and an even larger distinction to write on his behalf.

The Roarer

Becoming The Lion- Multi-layered and intellectual instrumental rock.  This band bends and blends genres seamlessly into something that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. BTL employs elements of space rock, metal, and math rock and fuses them into something that is both complicated yet accessible. Theory-heads will appreciate their song structure and musicality while the recreational listener will get lost in the many layers of awesomeness.  Thrumming bass carries the rhythm while the drums bang out complicated polyrhythmic bits and the guitars come together to create and texture the melodies.  If you haven’t already done so, check out their ep, Automa, download it from Bandcamp now and prepare for a mind-blowing listening experience.

Becoming The Lion

Gradient- Add a lead singer/screamer to BTL and you have hardcore/metal heavy hitters Gradient.  Gradient is a virtual buffet of heavy subgenres.  Their sound is both raw and thoughtfully dynamic, but brutally heavy the entire time.  Structurally speaking, Gradient utilizes slow, sludgy buildups that eventually give way to gloriously brutal breakdowns that will have you banging your head whether you want to or not.  Tonally, the members of Gradient pay attention to balancing and dialing in the guitar and bass amps to create a true soundscape that listeners feel in their chest as well as hear in their ears.


American Arson- This two person powerhouse boasts MASSIVE sounding guitar achieved by playing one guitar through three different rigs.  I am not well versed enough in gear to understand exactly how his rig works, but I know that it makes me want to learn more.  American Arson’s sound is defined by soulfully soaring vocals (with just the right amount of grit), pummeling drums, and roaring distortion that colors the in-your-face guitar riffs.  Their performance was high energy, visceral, and raw.  Their sound is some kind of cross between Local H and The Receiving End of Sirens, but completely original.  Besides the amazing songwriting and performance, the best part of American Arson is that frontman, Evan, embodies the ideology of local music scenes nationwide, if not even worldwide.  American Arson’s music is not just notes strung together, every note and word has real meaning and it was an honor to have them at our venue.

American Arson

Thira- Industrial groove metal that sounds like Ramstein and Meshuggah had a love (or hate) child who is super into djent.  Thira’s sound and image are equally jarring, intriguing, and wholly infectious.  Thira’s stage garb included five different “characters” that seem to be from some type of post-apocalyptic steampunk scene, or perhaps an entirely different reality altogether (debate at your leisure).  Musically, an eight-string guitar delivers brain rattling chugs and oddly timed riffs, while the fuzz laden bass and drums brutalize your midsection.  I have never witnessed another band explore the space on the stage in such a vigorous and effective way as Thira did.  Their energy, sound, and stage presence makes them hard to ignore and impossible to turn down.


Friday, November 7th Recap

Friday, November 7th Recap

Friday’s show at The Oasis was a deliberate mix of various alternative sub genres. There was some acoustic stuff, some rock stuff, and some punk stuff. In short, there was something for everyone. Here is a short recap of the fun!

London Has Fallen- This determined duo filled the room with unbelievably powerful vocals and relentless catchy guitar.  LHF’s sound features soaring vocals, infectious chord progressions that burrow into your ears and never leave. However, their sound is defined by a certain effortlessness, that is, they make sounding good seem way too easy.  The vocalist has a voice that is just uncanny.  It is clear, powerful, and seamless.  Meanwhile, the guitarist carried the songs with jaunty riffs.

London Has Fallen

Belfour- Totally original and eclectic, Belfour is hard to pin down, but impossible to ignore.  Their sound combines the chaotic feel of Glassjaw, erratic but tight drumming style of Every Time I Die, and the vocal cadence of The Dear Hunter.  Take that and add smooth sax parts and some jazzy interludes and you have some vague idea of what they sound like. Rarely have I seen a room full of people so engrossed, perplexed, and entertained at the same time. Be sure to check them out and prepare to be flabbergasted.


Who, What, and I Don’t Know- These interrogative instrumentalists have a radio friendly sound that transports listeners to an era of flannel and combat boots.  The vocalist has a style influenced by 90’s rock gods Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.  The dynamic guitar switches between clean chords and heavily distorted leads, and behind it all the thumping bass and drums drive the songs ever forward. Who, What, and I Don’t Know is for fans of anything from Pearl Jam to Three Days Grace.

Who, What, and I Don’t Know

Regular Oatmeal- Melodic indie rock with strong punk roots that is part of a complete breakfast.  The vocalist has a voice somewhere between the guy from Epitaph band Osker and the singer from Hot Water Music.  The bass has a treble laden tone that cuts through the mix and often takes on a lead role in some songs with walking bass lines, while the thickly toned guitar works to round out the overall sound and add a little something to the rhythm section.  Regular Oatmeal is a band that combines indie, emo, and punk rock into a delicious package that is the most important band of the day.

Regular Oatmeal

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