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We’ve been doing a monthly “music” meeting for kids at The Oasis.

A free event, covering a specific topic.

March was “booking in Chicago”.

After the seminar portion, we encourage kids to meet each other.
Network, trade gigs, gear, etc.

We are fortunate have sponsored free pizza, and free goodies from labels that kids can grab.

We emailed/annoyed every agent/venue/promoter in Chicago and forced them to answer a handful of questions in hopes to make a bit of a guide to booking shows.

Here is the PDF of the bullet point handout.

This event, we had Dean from the band Chevelle came out to talk to the kids.

We recorded the event, if you’d want to listen to it.

Free stuff for the kids from top shelf records.

dean, laying down the law.

Confirm you’re going to the FREE APRIL MEETING!

Date: March 29

Time: 6pm

Cost: $5

Venue: The Oasis


Exit 2 Enter

One Time Hero

If We Were


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Monthly Music Meetings!

Do you remember the School of Hard Rocks?
It’s Back!

In 2014, we’re planning in hosting MONTHLY MUSIC MEETINGS at The Oasis in Grayslake, IL!

Each event will be 2 hours long, on the third Tuesday of each month, at 7pm.

The first hour of the event will be a discussion on one (of the many) topics we’ve outlined on this website. Gigging, booking, marketing, gear, scams, recording, merch, etc.

The second hour will be a bit of a mixer for area bands. We want to encourage bands to hang out, network, and learn from each other. Discuss good area venues, or exchange contacts. Give marketing tips, or help promote each other.

Stay tuned here, or watch for events on the Oasis Facebook page.

January Touring Bands

Date: January 25

Time: 6pm

Cost: $5

Venue: The Oasis


Wayne Szalinkski (MI)

Too Dear Fence

The Escapers

Sound Is Sacred

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Wayne Szalinski hails from East Lansing, Michigan. They’ve been collecting stories from the road for years but none is more interesting (and provided for more internet fame) than a night in Chicago last tour in which the bands singer, Andy, wasn’t allowed on stage with his band. The gig was at a bar and at the time Andy wasn’t 21. Instead of packing it up and moving on, the band got creative and while the rest of the band remained inside, Andy played outside the bar — allowing the people walking by to enjoy a little piece of the show. This little act of genius got a bit of attention, going viral on the Huffington Post and other media outlets.

Luckily, the Oasis is all ages and we are thrilled to have this indie rock band back on our stage.

Date: January 17

Time: 6pm

Cost: $5

Venue: The Oasis


Casey Bolles (NY)



BeatDown Radio

Best Of Me

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Casey Bolles and WATERMEDOWN are touring throughout the east and midwest, stopping the Oasis on Friday January 17th with a great local line-up. Prep for the show by listening to some of their music at WATERMEDOWN’s Bandcamp and Casey Bolles’ Bandcamp.

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