The School of Hard Rocks!

For most of 2014, we’ve been hosting a cool free event every 3rd Tuesday (7pm) of the month. The goal is to get musicians out of their houses, come learn something, and meet their peers.

The first half of the meeting is hosted by Greg of Greg’s Guitar Lessons, which covers a number of educational topics like recording, booking, marketing, and other tools young musicians need to work on.

We’ve even had cool guests like Dean, the bassist for Chevelle!

The second half, musicians hang out and chat. They talk with each other, network, set up times to jam, and help create a better sense of community in the scene.

Check it out on YouTube!

Dead Last 5K Recap Video

Our wonderful employee Julie created the recap video end all recap videos.

The Dead Last 5K was a terrific success, and we can’t wait til next year!

As always, we couldn’t do it without our wonderful partners in CLC & D127!

Saturday, October 18 Recap

Saturday, October 18th Recap

When Stevie Ray Vaugh sang the lines, “If this house is a-rockin, don’t bother knockin’, come on in” I believe that he was talking about shows like the one that took place at The Oasis on Saturday, October 18th.  Every band brought its own unique flavor of rock, and they were all scrumptious.  Here is a quick recap in case you were square enough to miss it.

Region Tea- Buzz saw leads played at breakneck speed make this punk trio all but irresistible.  Unlike many punk bands, Region Tea does not get trapped in the three power chord pit fall.  Rather they pepper in leads and fills that help to develop their sound and set them apart from many of their peers.  Furthermore, their live performance is incredibly tight and you are able to hear all of the instruments individually and as part of the whole.  Their sound runs in the same vein as Bad Religion and The Descendants in that they play fast but are also tastefully catchy.

Region Tea

Lipstick Dagger- This quartet boasts a grungy, high gain sound that makes me want to put on a pair of Doc Martens.  Their sound features influences from mid-nineties punk and grunge in terms of tempo, guitar tone, and vocal styling.  Their songs have a certain grit to them that is the soul rock and roll but they do not ignore melody or musical finesse.  This band is for fans of (old) Green Day, The Distillers, and Nirvana.

Lipstick Dagger

The Smoking Revolvers- Loud and dirty- this band pays tribute to classic rock bands like AC/DC and ZZ Top.  This band’s sound is in your face and is accessible to the young rocker and the older “95 Will Rock” listener.  Their sound does not utilize many effect pedals or fancy thrills, but the heart and intensity of their music and performance lures listeners into their fuzzy web of rock and doesn’t let go.  If you like heavy gain, high octane, Rock and/or Roll you need look no further than The Smoking Revolvers.

The Smoking Revolvers

OUTdrejas- To say that OUTdrejas’ front man is high energy is like saying the Chicago Cubs haven’t won the World Series in a few years. This band is a buffet of all of the things you love about rock.  They utilize catchy acoustic guitars for some songs, and unbelievably heavy guitar for others.  And get this…they even use a violin.  Their sound is well executed pop rock that is accessible to all listeners and would fit in equally well at an all ages festival as an underground rock extravaganza. Do not pass up a chance to see this band!


New Day Arrival- Early 2000’s pop-punk played with a maturity way beyond their years makes this band undeniable.  Let’s face it, pop-punk bands are a dime a dozen, but New Day Arrival has virtually mastered the genre, and they’re still in high school.  Their sound is aggressive enough to grab the average jaded scene-sters attention, but their overall tone is developed enough to impress the music snobs sitting back by the sound board.  Not to mention, their live performance is incredibly tight and truly highlights the individual members’ musicianship.  Keep your eyes out for their EP coming out soon on Sinkhole Records.

New Day Arrival

Friday, October 17 Recap

Friday, October  17th Recap

The musical festivities at The Oasis on Friday, October 17th were a fanciful mix of heart-felt acoustic rock juxtaposed with loud, blues fueled psychedelic rock.  Here is a recap of the happenings.

IVG (Issac Van Gilbert) – Melodic acoustic rock with a dark feel to it.  For me, the stand out feature of IVG’s performance was his vocals.  The tone of his voice was both smooth and clear and his vocal range was truly impressive.  His silken voice delivers honest and poignant lyrics and is a fit for fans of anything from Damien Rice to Alkaline Trio.

IVG Music

Hayden Skaggs- Soulful, falsetto vocals accompanied by folksy guitar in the same vein as Justin Vernon of Bon Iver with a touch of deep -south delta blues.  Hayden Skaggs gave a riveting performance from beginning to end.  His stage presence was both unassuming and affable; frankly, after he played I just wanted to give him a big hug.  His music is for anyone who is a fan of folk influenced indie rock from Mumford and Sons to the aforementioned Bon Iver.

Hayden Skaggs

Redstone- Gritty blues rock with heavy influences from south of the Mason Dixon.  Redstone offers infectiously rhythmic grooves and features a provocative vocal duo.  Their male vocalist has a more traditional “blues voice” that is raw, powerful and punches your heart.  His vocal delivery was balanced by their female vocalist who has a smoother, more soulful voice with an incredibly thick tone that virtually fills the room.  This band speaks to fans of Nora Jones, Susan Tedeschi, and Clutch.


The Native Woods- Formally known as Convolution, this newly named band melds a variety of rock sub-genres from funk, blues, and psychedelic into a delightful auditory package.  Their songs showcase funky guitar and bass leads boosted by psychedelic-feeling keyboards that come together to produce a refreshing and original sound.  As if that isn’t enough to get you to go listen to them, their vocalist has an incredibly unique voice that is a bit reminiscent of Billy Corgan minus the pitchy screechiness.  This band is simply for fans of music.

The Native Woods

Friday, October 3 Recap

The show at The Oasis on Friday, October 3rd was heavy as could possibly be.  We were lucky enough to host three bands from Wisconsin who were cool enough to drive 5+ hours and play some rock music for us. If case you missed it, well you’re doing it wrong. But luckily here is a quick recap.

Lucid Dreams- Melodic Metalcore that features thick guitar tones and dynamic vocals.  Technical riffs break up the breakdowns to produce songs that are both tactful and in-your-face.  I am always impressed when I see these guys. Their live performances are always tight and their songwriting hints at talent beyond their years.

Lucid Dreams

In Solace- Dissonant riffage, thumping bass, and a tasteful mix of screaming and clean vocals make this La Crosse, Wisconsin metal outfit a treat for metalheads everywhere. Song feature both breakdowns as well as groove influenced interludes with drumming that does away with blast beats and instead demands you to bang. your. head.

In Solace

Children of Dismay- Good ‘ole fashioned thrash metal that utilizes melodic riffs and a wide vocal range that goes from face melting shrieks to guttural growls.  COD is a band that wears their blackened hearts on their sleeves, and then perform in tank tops.

Children of Dismay

Render the Wastelands- Heavy high energy djent metal from Wausau, Wisconsin that keeps the crowd engaged with their intense stage antics. Their songs feature skull shaking breakdowns, bowel rattling bass, and vocals reminiscent of Norma Jean.  Not only does RTW put on an awesome live show, they are incredibly tight and not to be missed.

Render the Wastelands

Teenagers- Fast, heavy hardcore from Wausau, Wisconsin that is firmly in touch with its roots in rock.  Fun to listen and bang your head to, even more fun to watch.  These guys gave their performance 110% after being stuffed in a van for 5 hours and it was awesome.  Their sound and raw; no outlandish pedal boards here, just a lot of gain and even more heart.  If you have a chance to see them live, don’t pass it up!


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